New Textbooks from Campion Education

The school is transitioning to Digital Textbooks, which can be purchased through the Campion Education link HERE.

You will have the ability to also select a physical copy of the textbook, if required.

Listed below are links to a PDF order form of textbooks, where you can find the relevant code for each year group. This information is on the front page of the PDF. All the textbooks required are categorised and listed once you proceed via the Campion website. You don’t need to navigate the PDF textbook list for this.

Setting up an account with Campion is done via the link above and will ask you for your son’s school email address, or alternatively you can search for Shore School and then select the relevant year group.

Year Level  Resource List 2024
Year 7  Download Here Icon
Year 8  Download Here Icon   
Year 9 Download Here Icon   
Year 10 Download Here Icon    
Year 11 Download Here Icon   
Year 12 Download Here Icon 


Second-hand Textbooks

The second-hand textbook service is run by the Shore Parents' Association.

This year, as the School transitions to digital textbooks, there will only be a limited stock of second-hand (hard copy) textbooks available for purchase on the following dates:

Second-hand Textbook Forms Buy - 2024
Year 7 Friday 1 December
Year 8 Thursday 30 November
Year 9 Thursday 30 November
Year 10 Friday 24 November
Year 11 Friday 24 November
Year 12  Download buying form

Textbook donations

While Shore is transitioning to digital textbooks, we are aware of some schools that will be using hard-copy texts. In support of this, the SPA will be collecting donations of current textbooks to gift to students where there is a need.


Any questions?
Please contact:
Lindall Nutt or Meredith Dahlsen

Second-hand Textbook Convenors

Frequently Asked Questions

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