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Mr Rod Mountford

Secondhand Textbooks

The recycled textbook service is run by the Shore Association and volunteer helpers from the Shore community and provides an avenue for families to buy and sell used textbooks.

The service operates at the end of Term 4 and all the book lists are displayed on this page and referenced in the Shore Weekly Record mid-November.

A buying service is also provided at the end of Term 3 for the Year 11 boys to allow them to purchase their Year 12 texts prior to commencing Year 12 in Term 4. The buying date this year is Friday 18th Sept from 8am till the end of period 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Sell my books?

The boys bring the books, together with a completed Selling Form (which will be available for download from this website nearer to the buying/selling days) to the Old Coach House which is located behind Graythwaite, at the nominated time for their Year Group (as advertised in the SWR). Volunteers then check the quality of the books and that the necessary paperwork is attached. The books are then collated in preparation for purchase. Payments are processed to the seller’s school accounts by the end of Term 2 the following Year. If there is no name on the form no payment can be made.

How do I Buy books?

Boys bring their completed buying form (which is available for download from this website) at the nominated time for their Year Group (as advertised in the SWR) to the Second Hand Book Stall in the Old Coach House. With the assistance of volunteers they then select the required/available books from the second-hand supply. Books are charged to the seller’s school accounts by the end of Term 2 the following Year.

How should I mark my secondhand books?

The nature of school life is such that books get mislaid, found and handed in, and passed through the ‘Found Property’ loop via the Sergeants Major. Sadly, many books are handed in with no way of identifying the owner and so cannot be returned, and parents end up buying costly replacements. For any second-hand books you have purchased; remove the marking of previous owners, and mark the book in a permanent manner with Surname, Initial, Year, and Tutor Group, eg: Smith D, 10 SS4

What do I do if I am a New Boy to Shore?

New Boys will receive information on this service from their House Master on New Boys Day in their New Boys Information Pack. Print and complete the Year 6 Buying Form (available on this website by the advertised buying day) and bring it to the New Boys buying day.

What if I'm in Year 6 at Shore and need books for Year 7 next year?

Print and complete the Year 6 Buying Form (available by the advertised buying day) and bring it to your buying day.

How much do the 2nd hand books cost?

2nd hand books are purchased for ½ the current new price of the books on the Campion booklists, plus 10% handling fee (charged by The Shore Association).

How much do I get when I sell my book?

If all books are sold, the sales price is ½ the current new price of the books on the Campion booklists. In the event that not all books are sold, the proceeds of the sale of a book title are shared among all sellers. A 10% handling fee is charged (by The Shore Association).

For example if 110 boys provide a book for sale and only 100 are sold, the proceeds will be 10/ 11th ‘s of ½ the Campion book price. This avoids the situation where 100 boys receive payment and 10 receive none.

Will the 2nd hand book be of good quality?

Every effort is made to screen the quality of the books being given in for on-selling but they are used books. The basic principle applied is if the cover is damaged as long as the inside pages are OK then the book is accepted. Minimal writing within the book is also accepted but substantial writing/scribbling etc. or inappropriate writing/drawing is not.

Will I get a CD with my textbook?

When purchasing 2nd hand textbooks there is no guarantee that a CD will be supplied with the book. Many of the books do have a CD but it depends on whether it was returned with the book when it was given in for sale. No differentiation is made to the purchase price whether or not a CD is supplied.

How do I receive my money from the sale of books and/or pay for my purchases?

Boys are not required to pay for their books when they bring in their order forms nor do they receive any money when they drop off their books for sale. A credit and/or debit will appear on your school account at the end of Term II. Year 12 boys will receive a cheque in the mail for any of their books sold in their final Year.

Please note that not all of your books will necessarily get sold due to change of editions, change of text book lists or over supply.

What do I do if I do not get all the books I ordered?

Unfortunately we are not always able to fill all orders as demand for a text may exceed the supply. If after collecting your order you still require more books orders can still be placed with Campion books.

What books can I buy and/or sell?

Only current Shore texts are able to be bought and/or sold. Buying and Selling forms for each Year are loaded onto this website around mid November detailing which books are current.

How can I sell my books if I am in Year 12 and not at school in December?

A large wooden box is used to collect textbooks for sale from the Year 12 boys during the HSC period. These books are then stored and offered for sale the following Term III for boys entering Year 12 in Term 4 of that year.

Every book that boys wish to sell must have a post-it note inside the front cover with details of the book and the seller.

The post-it note should look exactly like this:

Book title
Seller’s name
Seller’s address
Sellers school year
Calendar year  

For example:

Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 
Sam Smith
15 SHORE St, Sydney 2000
Year 12

Please note:

The information must be on a post-it note as pieces of paper sticky taped, glued or stapled into the book cannot be removed to process payment
loose paper may be fall out of the book and then the seller can’t be identified and won’t receive payment
If the information on the post-it note is not clear or is not complete the seller may not receive payment
Books must be of a quality suitable for sale
Given that Year 12 books cannot be sold until the year after you have left school we cannot credit your school account with the sale proceeds. If your books can be sold the next year we mail a cheque to the postal address on the post-it note in the book.If the books are not sold that year they are donated to the Shore Association.

What do I do if I have an issue after I have collected my order?

Please contact the Second-hand Textbook Convener’s (contact details below) before the end of the calendar Year so that any adjustments can be made before accounts are processed.

Lindall Nutt and Meredith Dahlsen Secondhand Textbook Convenors.

Second Hand Textbook Forms 2022

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