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Secondhand Textbooks

The recycled textbook service is run by the Shore Association and volunteer helpers from the Shore community and provides an avenue for families to buy and sell used textbooks.

The service operates at the end of Term 4 and all the book lists are displayed on this page and referenced in the Shore Weekly Record mid-November.

A buying service is also provided at the end of Term 3 for the Year 11 boys to allow them to purchase their Year 12 texts prior to commencing Year 12 in Term 4. The buying date this year is Friday 18th Sept from 8am till the end of period 1.

Lindall Nutt and Meredith Dahlsen Secondhand Textbook Convenors.

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Second Hand Textbook Forms 2022

Year 6:  Buy
Year 7:  Buy  Sell
Year 8:  Buy Sell
Year 9:  Buy Sell
Year 10: Buy  Sell
Year 11:    Sell
Year 12: Buy