New year representatives for 2017 marked with an * and Campus Representatives with a #.

ELC  Chanelle Hindmarsh*
Karla Brooks* 
Kindergarten Tracey Lynch*
Annaliesse Cawood*
Year 1 Rebecca Keeble
Rachel Oppen*
Year 2 Caroline Riddell
Alice Cunningham
Year 3 Jane Robertson *
Sally de Kock*
Year 4 Rebecca Wensley
Susan Story*
Year 5 Justine Morton
Kelly Wyborn*
Year 6 Mary Campbell
Jo Tams*
Rachel Fennessy*
Year 7 Kate Banks
Kate Kelly*
Year 8 Danielle Gluskie
Deanna Constable* 
Year 9 Jemma Pruscino
Tiffany Elvy* 
Year 10 Anna Brooks
Deb Callaway*
Year 11 Libby Bowditch
Katrina Corcoran*
Year 12 Coralie Collins
Jennifer James*
Jane Frith*
Fiona Tisdall Blake*
Boarders Shaughnie Cooke
Sally Cumore*
Northbridge American Tea Kate Hills
#Campus Rep 2017Nth Sydney
#Campus Rep 2017 Northbridge
Kim Stokeld
Mel Schutte