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Australian Army Cadets is a youth development organisation that uses the customs, values and structure of the Australian Army to develop character and leadership. In a partnership between Shore and Wenona, Shore Cadet Unit seeks to empower cadets to achieve their potential by equipping them with a range of skills and providing rich opportunities to lead and manage teams. The cadets participate in a continuum of experiences that sequentially build their skills. Recruits in A-C Company begin induction in a range of basic skills including first aid, navigation, communicating on a radio and fieldcraft.

As they progress, cadets develop further skills which enable them to operate effectively as a member of a company in a tactical field environment. Senior cadets have to exercise critical and creative thinking skills as they work collaboratively to plan and implement complex activities in two camps held in September and December. The culminating activity is the Ceremonial Parade which celebrates the service and leadership displayed by the cadets, especially those completing three years of service in Shore Cadet Unit. Cadets in Years 10 and 11 may then nominate to attend the Junior and Senior Leaders Course which seeks to equip cadets with the skills required to lead a section, platoon or company. Other streams of continuation training are also available to cadets after their first year of training. Support Company provides the logistic support to field activities and D Company trains senior cadets to operate as small reconnaissance and surveillance teams using advanced skills in reconnaissance, camouflage and concealment. Through this programme, cadets begin a journey of character development and learning how to lead through serving others.