This can be an area of great difficulty, arising from variable weather problems within Sydney (e.g. no rain at Northbridge despite a deluge on the North Shore); covered cricket wickets or all weather courts; and the inability of any phone system to handle calls from several hundred callers at the one time.

If it is wet on Saturday morning, boys should follow the procedure outlined for their sport (below):

Check the Weekly Fixtures page for the most up-to-date information. Alternatively, follow the procedure below;

Senior School Cricket and Tennis:

Players can call 9956 1135 after 7.15 am for morning games; at 11.30 am for afternoon games.

Firsts and seconds matches are always ON - players are to go to the ground or courts where a decision will be made.

Senior School Basketball:

Players in teams playing on outdoor courts ring 9956 1135 after 7.15 am.

Teams playing indoors must always attend, no matter what the weather.

Prep School:

Boys are asked to check the Prep Fixtures page which will be updated in the event that cancellations are occuring.

Sports Practice on Weekdays

Check the Weekly Fixtures page for the most up-to-date information or call 9956 1135.