Shore Sports Update 

 The Football 1st & 2nd XI and the Rugby 1st, 2nd & 3rd XV will be streamed and available via,, They are also available to be viewed on Apple TV and Android TV.

The final timings of broadcasts will be available on the AAGPS platform, please follow the relevant login instructions to register. 



Sport  Training  Saturday
 Cross Fit    
 Cross Country    
 Football    15C cancelled
 Rugby    15D cancelled

Senior Weekly Fixtures: Download here    Download Here Icon                                                                


Team Opponent Venue Time
1st XV TSC Scots Main 3.15
2nd XV TSC Scots Main 2.00
3rd XV TSC Scots Main 1.00
4th XV TSC Scots Main 11.00
5th XV TSC Scots Main 10.00
6th XV TSC Parade Gd 8 11.00
7th XV TSC Parade Gd 8 10.00
8th XV TSC Scots Main 9.00
16A XV TSC Scots Main 12.00
16B XV TSC McKay Oval 8.00
16C XV TSC McKay Oval 1.00
16D XV TSC McKay Oval 12.00
16E XV TSC McKay Oval 11.00
15A XV TSC McKay Oval 10.00
15B XV OC BC Oval 10.00
15C XV OC BC Oval 9.00
15D XV    Cancelled  
15E XV OC BC Oval 8.00
14A XV TSC Northbridge C 12.00
14B XV TSC Northbridge C 11.00
14C XV TSC Northbridge C 10.00
14D XV TSC Northbridge C 9.00
14E XV TSC Northbridge C 8.00
 13A XV   TSC  Christison Pk3  12.00
13B XV TSC Christison Pk 3 11.00
13C XV TSC Christison Pk 3 10.00
13D XV TSC Christison Pk 3 9.00
13E XV TSC Christison Pk 3 8.00


Team Opponent Venue Time
1st XI TSC SOPAC Thu  7.15pm
2nd XI TSC SOPAC Thu 5.45pm
3rd XI TSC Northbridge D 9.00
4th XI TSC Northbridge D 10.00
5th XI TSC Northbridge D 11.00
6th XI TSC Northbridge D 12.00
7th XI TSC Northbridge D 1.00
16A XI TSC Northbridge D 8.00
16B XI TSC Northbridge F 9.00
16C XI TSC Northbridge F 10.00
16D XI TSC Northbridge F 11.00
15A XI TKS Wanderers 12.00
15B XI TSC A Christison Pk 1 8.00
15D XI TSC B Christison Pk 1 9.00
14A XI TSC Brazilian Field 12.00
14B XI TSC Brazilian Field 11.00
14C XI TSC Brazilian Field 10.00
14D XI TSC Brazilian Field 9.00
14E XI TSC Brazilian Field 8.00
14F XI NC G Tempe 2 10.00
13A XI TSC Christison Pk 1 1.00
13B XI TSC Christison Pk 1 12.00
13C XI TSC Christison Pk 1 11.00
13D XI TSC Christison Pk 1 10.00
13E XI TKS  Massie 1 9.00

Climbing: SICG @ St Peters 9:30am

Cross Country: TSC Invitational, Upjohn Pk 9.00am

Cross Fit: School Gym @ 8am

Golf: Northbridge Golf Club; 9.00am

Rifle Shooting: Hornsby Rifle Range; 8.00am

Taekwondo: Wyllie MMA; 9.00am

Venue locations;

TSC Main is at The Scots College Victoria Rd Bellevue Hill;
McKay Oval, Parade Gd 8 & Brazilian fields are in Centennial Park;
Christison Park is on Old South Head Rd Vaucluse;
Lyne Park is at 600 New South Head Rd Rose Bay;
Tempe 2 is at Holbeach Ave, Tempe;
BC Oval is at Oakhill College 423/513 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill;
Upjohn Park is at 73 Kirby St, Rydalmere;
TKS venues are at The King's School Pennant Hills Rd Parramatta

Northbridge Volunteer Canteen Sign-Up

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