Shore Parents' Association Executive and Committee Contact List

To contact the Shore Parents' Association please email:

Shore Parents' Association Executive 2018

Patron   Sue Wright 
Chair Lizzie Windsor  
Deputy Chair   Donna Bartlett
Secretary   Adrienne Wilson
Treasurer  Cath Jackson
Assistant Treasurer Alan Tattersall
American Tea Convenor Felix Henchman
Phoebe Clift
Year Representative Co-ordinator Emma Scambler
Publicity Co-ordinator Liz Brownie
Northbridge Canteen Co-ordinator  Gaby Hunter 
Minute Secretary Leanne McDougall

Shore Parents' Association Committee

Boarders' Representative  Kate Robinson
2nd Boarders' Representative  Sally Cudmore 
Crested Goods Kate Stevenson 
Library Co-ordinator  Kate Cox
Library Convenor Sandi Perry
Library Convenor Phillipa (Pip) Hutton
NSW Parents Council Maree Skillen
Northbridge Prep Representative Mel Schutte
North Sydney Prep Representative Kim Stokeld
Northbridge A/Tea Co-ordinator  Annaliesse Cawood
Northbridge A/Tea Co-ordinator  Edwina Gilbert
Northbridge A/Tea Co-ordinator   Jodie McGrath 
Northbridge American Tea Co-ordinator Rebecca Colvin
Prayer Group Co-ordinators Mary Campbell and Emma Warburton
Convenors - Secondhand Books Annette McCook and Meredith Dahlsen