Operational Policies

Complaints Handling 

Policies Student ImageSydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) grounds its culture and operations in Christian belief and ethics. The principles of justice and fair treatment of all within the Shore community is central to the process by which Shore operates. To ensure that Shore provides the best opportunity for fair outcomes for all members of the Shore community in relation to the School’s operations, Shore has the following policy for dealing with complaints.

Complaints Handling Policy

Privacy and Collection Notice

Whistleblower Policy

Privacy Policy

Procedures for Reporting Staff Misconduct and Reportable Conduct

Policies Student ImageWhen managing complaints made around Staff Misconduct and Reportable Conduct, Shore activates a specialised set of procedures. This is due to the legal responsibility we hold in our duty of care, sensitive nature of these allegations and the potential issues around privacy and confidentiality which they raise. Shore requires all staff comply to a code of conduct and standard of behaviours that are intended to prevent staff misconduct and reportable conduct offenses from happening. Staff are also encouraged to report any breaches of these codes and standards. Shore facilitates training outlines for codes of conduct and child safe activity at the commencement of employment. Shore’s Headmaster, Executive Leadership Team and Human Resources Department are responsible for oversight and implementation of the staff code of conduct.

Reportable Conduct Procedure

Child Safeguarding Statement


Wellbeing and Sport

Shore front gatesAt Shore, the health, safety, and well-being of all students is a priority. Shore has in place a series of policies which detail the school’s approach to these matters and this policy is focused on Concussion.

 Concussion Policy