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EGP Sayers and RV Minnett oral history interview

Sayers Minnett 

Part 1 length: 0:33:28

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Part 2 length: 0:6:10

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Interview date: 21 Feb 1971
Minnett and Sayers left Shore in 1904 and 1903 respectively. 
In the interview: find out what Minnett's opinion on cricket players from Bradman to the Chapel brother, and life at Shore in the very early days.


John Read oral history interview

John Read 

Length of interview: 01:41:51

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Interview date: 30Apr 2013

John was aged 103 at the time of this interview. He left Shore in 1928, just prior to the Great Depression, having failed the Leaving Certificate. Nonetheless, he carved out a career in insurance, one interrupted by the Second World War. Initially he was deemed to be too old to serve but his experience with boats and sailing saw him eventually enter the Navy, where he weaved on a number of vessels, the most prominent being HMS Ajax. John was Officer of the Watch on the night of June 6th 1944, D-Day, with Ajax standing off Gold Beach, supporting Allied soldiers who were going ashore.

This is John's story.