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Why Give
School fees alone do not provide enough capital to continue building the school.
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Celebrating Country Boarders' Giving Day 2018
With an icecream for all the Boarders
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Ways to Give
Here are some ways you can partner with us.
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Welcome to the Shore Foundation
Welcome to the Shore Foundation
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Foundation Events
Meet others in the Shore Community at a Foundation event
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Areas to Support
The Shore Foundation is committed to Shore’s continual development.



For over 128 years, Shore has been committed to providing a standard of education second to none. To ensure this standard is maintained along with the independence and sustainability of Shore throughout this century, we require the ongoing assistance from theHeadmasterFoundation.

The Shore Foundation provides an income stream to enable the School to improve and create facilities which meet the needs of Shore boys of today and future generations. It is made possible by the generous financial assistance of those who have supported the School and I thank every one of you.

'Your donation will go towards achieving our vision. By doing so you will be leaving a legacy, one from which young men today and tomorrow will benefit.'



For more information please contact the Foundation office (located in Graythwaite)

David Mason-Jones, Executive Director ph. 9956 1179

Catherine Cambridge, Events and Marketing Manager ph. 9900 4755