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Originally built in 1833 and one of the oldest remaining structures in North Sydney, this heritage-listed estate has been restored for the use of the School. In a derelict state prior to commencement of works, the project included demolition of non-historic building elements, the restoration and adaption of three buildings, landscaping, civil and external works including palisade fencing, sandstone walls, formal gardens and pavements. Meticulously restored to its former glory, the future of this significant historic building has now been assured.





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Graythwaite was officially reopened on the 4th May 2014.

celebration day 1

125th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

celebration day 2

125th Anniversary Unveiling of Vitai Lampada Tradunt

celebration day 3

125th Anniversary Unveiling of Vitai Lampada Tradunt

Opening plaque

125th Anniversary Reopening and Dedication of Graythwaite

Historical Restoration


The following documents may also be of interest:

Thanksgiving Service Booklet

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Historical Restoration/Renovation Award

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If you would like to know more about Graythwaite please send your request for information to the Shore Bursar, Kathy Dickson