The Headmaster has the responsibility of appointing well qualified staff to ensure that all aspects of the School's academic, pastoral, spiritual, cultural and sporting curriculum are appropriately covered.
A full staff list is published in The Torch Bearer each year, in the annual list of prize-winners on Speech Day and in an early issue of the Shore Weekly Record of Term 1 each year.

Headmaster  Dr T A Wright, PhD, DipEd, BSc(Hons), FACE, MRACI, CChem 
Deputy Headmaster Mr R A Morrison, BA (UNE), DipEd (Syd), MACE 
Chaplain  Rev P C Dudley, BD (MTC), DipMin (MTC), BSc (Syd) 
Director of Studies   Mr D M Whitehouse, BSc, DipEd (NSW), MA (Syd), MEdAdmin (NSW), MEd (NSW), MSc (Curtin), MACE, MACEL 
Director of Pastoral Care  Mr S J Ryan, MEdStudies (N’cle), BEd (Syd), TC, MACE, MACEL 
Director of Boarding  Mr A Benn, BA, DipEd (UTS), BD (MTC) 
Head of the Preparatory School  Mr N M Saunders, BEc (Syd), GradDipEd (UNE), MEdAdmin (UNE), MACEL 
Director ELC Mrs K A Colthup, BEd (Early Childhood Education Birth - 12) (Macq) 
Deputy Head of Preparatory K-2  Miss N O Mitchell, MEd, BEd (Primary), BEd (Early Child), MACE
Director of Inclusion  Mrs C Fryda, MEd (Ed Psych/Inclusive Ed) (Syd) 
Sportsmaster  Mr M J Ticehurst, BA, DipEd (Macq) 
Director of Activities  Mr A Mansfield, BA(Hons), DipEd (Macq) 
Mentor of Learning and Teaching  Mr C D Paterson, MA (Syd), MEd, MEdAdmin (UNE), DipEd (CSU), EdM (Harvard) 
Staff Services Coordinator  Mr J M Palmer, BA, DipEd (Syd)