Term II Articles

April 25th: ANZAC Day Parade

100507 Anzac-Day-Parade.jpg

As has become tradition at Shore the ANZAC Day Dawn Service saw a number of volunteer cadets from both the cadet band and the recent promotions course at the Cenotaph. From 3:00am 20 Shore Cadets began handing out some 12000 orders of Service to the veterans and members of the general public along Martin Place. This role has been fulfilled by Shore Cadets for many years and provides an opportunity for those involved to meet some of the ‘Old Diggers’ and show their appreciation for the sacrifices they made. This year four of our boys were asked to assist in the carrying of the banners during the ceremony a great honour and privilege. The boys presented extremely well.

Later in the morning the Cadet Band took their regular place in record numbers for the ANZAC Day March, proudly parading along George Street. All members of the Unit were smartly dressed in their ceremonial dress, commonly referred to as their 'polys' or polyester uniform.

The Shore Cadet Unit was again both honoured and privileged in being able to participate in both the Dawn Service and the march through the city, contributing to the humbling event that is ANZAC day.

May 2nd: Foundation Day Service

100512-foundation-day-chapel-service-sm.jpgShore celebrated its 121st birthday with the annual Foundation Day service in the school Chapel. The service is an opportunity to give thanks for another year and to remember those from the school community who have given much in the service of the school. It is always an enjoyable service that includes inspiring singing from the choir, a stimulating address, enjoying good company and morning tea on the chapel lawn afterwards. The service was attended by a range of old boys, council members, staff, parents and students. The speaker this year was Dr Rob Stokes, who is an old boy of the school and the Member for Pittwater.