Prep North Sydney


Shore Preparatory School’s North Sydney campus caters for boys from Year 3 to Year 6 and focuses on the all-round development of boys. It is located on Edward Street, North Sydney, adjacent to Shore’s Senior School site.

In February 2006 boys in the Preparatory School North Sydney moved into new, state of the art facilities, the LC Robson Centre. Designed after extensive research in Australia and overseas, the building was named in honour of the School’s fourth Headmaster who founded the Preparatory School in 1926. Built around the beautiful heritage building Upton Grange, the LC Robson Centre is an aesthetically beautiful blend of the old and the new, mirroring the School’s own approach of blending its traditions with the best educational practices of today.

Philosophy and Programme

The School endeavours to provide a happy and stimulating environment which recognises the unique nature of each individual and encourages the boys to develop collaborative and teamwork skills. Through this positive approach to learning, each boy is nurtured to reach his potential. It is important to staff that boys are able to approach them in a confident and friendly basis with their problems, be they academic, spiritual or social. Staff and parents work closely together to ensure practical and relevant opportunities are available for the boys to progress in these important developmental years of their education.

A strong feature of the Preparatory School is the integration of relevant ICT facilities and practices throughout our programmes. This includes the provision of a dedicated computer room, and desktop computers, data projectors and Smartboards in each classroom. These, along with the availability of a specialist ICT teacher, greatly assist learning and teaching activities.

The modern Library continues to promote a love of reading and enjoyment of books in the boys, which has long been a priority of a Shore Preparatory School education. Other specialist facilities to which boys will have access are: a Visual Arts Room, a Language Enrichment Room which is also used for After School Care, a Learning Support Room, a dedicated Science Laboratory, a Physical Education area and specialist facilities for Dance and Drama in the Multi-Activity Centre. All these activities are staffed by specialist teachers.

Every boy has the opportunity to learn an instrument or to be a member of one of the musical groups or orchestra in the Preparatory School. The music facilities of the LC Robson Centre include a general purpose music teaching area, an ensemble room, and five individual practice studios.

In addition to the facilities of the Preparatory School, boys have regular access to the facilities in the Senior School, such as the Chapel, swimming pool and gymnasium, and the Ken and Joan Smith Auditorium.

All boys participate in the games programme, including Saturday morning sport for boys in Years 4 to 6, in which the School enjoys a well-deserved high reputation. The Preparatory School is an active and contributing member of the Independent Primary School Heads’ Association (NSW Branch) which includes participation in regular sporting and cultural exchanges.