Each year, Knox Grammar hosts a Da Vinci Decathlon where talented students in Years 7, 8 and 9 across the state meet to undertake challenging tasks across 10 areas: Engineering, Mathematics and Chess, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge. Many students attending are from selective schools.

Our Head of Mathematics, Mr Mark Liddell, accompanied a team of eight Year 7 boys and a team of eight Year 8 boys on Tuesday May 22. Gilmour Housemaster, Mr Robert Gulson, accompanied a team of eight Year 9 boys on Wednesday 23 May.

Year 7 team: George Chen, Steven Ilin, Ben Powell, Aaron Rucinski, Ethan Tan, Thomas Wait, Sam Wensley and Patrick Zhang.

Year 8 team: Oscar Deane, Alex Murray, Oscar Setchell, Julian Teh, Ryan Wang, Ollie Withington, David Xie and Nathan Zhou.

Year 9 team: Thomas Burge, Bryson Constable, Jordan Huang, Matthew Leijer, Daniel Ryan, Kevin Shen, Nathan Spencer and Evan Xu.

Each team worked well with the challenges presented to them and I commend them on their efforts.

It is pleasing to report that our Year 8 team placed 1st in the Engineering challenge and 2nd in the General Knowledge challenge. Each team member received a certificate.

Year Overall rank Sections
7 Equal 5th  Cartography – 2nd
English – 3rd
Mathematics – 5th
General Knowledge – 8th Ideation – 9th
5th Engineering – 1st
General Knowledge – 2nd
Science – 5th
Mathematics – equal 6th
9 10th  General Knowledge – 4th
Code Breaking – 5th
Cartography – 6th
Mathematics – 7th
David Whitehouse
Director of Studies



Da Vinci Decathlon1

L-R: Mr Liddell, David Xie, Ryan Wang, Nathan Zhou, Oscar Setchell, Julian Teh,
Oscar Deane, Alex Murray, Ollie Withington, Mr Whitehouse

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