Congratulations to Finn McCredie who won the Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition on Friday night. The Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition is a competition involving the best public speakers from Sydney’s AAGPS and CAS Schools. In the competition, speakers are presented with an unseen topic, allowed 15 minutes to prepare and then present an 8 minute speech.

The competition is a prestigious competition with a history dating back to 1935, previous winners including politicians such as Nick Greiner and Malcolm Turnbull as well as judges (including Murray Gleeson and Lloyd Waddy) and TV personalities (including Andrew O’Keefe and Adam Spencer).

Finn spoke on the topic of, "that was then, this is now’, in a competitive field of very accomplished speakers and was judged to be the best speaker. It says something of Finn’s extensive co-curricular and academic commitments that he was not able to stay long after the competition finished, needing to go home to prepare for his HSC French Speaking Exam today (Saturday).

Shore hosted the competition which this year was run remotely via Zoom. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of Jacqui Melville, supported by Richard Clarke, ICT Services and our senior boys (Jonah Edlington, Bryson Constable and Aks Walia) in making last night such a success.

 Lawrence Campbell Award 

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