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Our Purpose

The Shore Foundation is committed to supporting Shore to achieve its vision to be the leading comprehensive school in Australia.

Our Focus

We continue to focus investment and energy into the four following areas:

1. Scholarships and Bursaries
2. Learning Support
3. Teacher Development
4. Capital requirements

Our Role

Fundraising -  Through donations, gifts and events.
Friend-raising -  Through effective communication and service to the School community, including past students, parents, families and friends.
Bequests -  To actively encourage those who can to bequeath assets to The Shore Foundation.
Management -  To manage invested funds to optimise long term growth and security.


A message from the Shore Foundation President

To uphold our integrity and to ensure our programmes and events are in-line with our mission, we constantly reflect on our primary role, this being to assist the School to achieve its vision to be the leading comprehensive school in Australia.

It is this vision that drives our commitment to the following programmes and events: Capital Campaign 'Our Heritage, Our Future', Parent Voluntary Donation Programme, Headmaster's Scholarship and Bursary Programme, Bequest Programme, Icebreaker, All Sports Lunch (biennial) and the Garden Party (biennial).

We are very grateful to all our donors and supporters for allowing us to make 2018 our most profitable fundraising year to date, with total income raised being $9.6 million - almost $5M from donations and the rest as dividend income. 

A major focus for the Foundation is the Capital Campaign, 'Our Heritage, Our Future', supporting the development of the Shore Physical Education Centre.  This centre is the largest building project in the history of the School and we are delighted with the support our fundraising endeavours have received to date.  Construction is well underway and it is exciting to see the new building take shape. 

In 2019 we look forward to working in partnership with the Shore community to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students.





The Shore Foundation Limited was established as a Public Company by The Council of Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) in 1976. The Foundation comprises members of the Shore community and its affairs are managed in accordance with its Constitution. Click HERE to view our Constitution


2018 Annual Review

The Annual Review includes more information about the work of the Foundation and our activities in 2018. Please click HERE for details.

AGM Notices 

2018 stub year AGM Proxy Form
2018 stub year Election of Directors Notice
2018 stub year Notice of the Shore Foundation Limited


Board members

The role of The Shore Foundation is to assist and support the School to develop and maintain excellence in education, facilities and community service at Shore. The Foundation’s affairs are managed by the Board of Directors providing the necessary direction for its programmes and day-to-day activities. Please click to view the Board members.


Foundation Honours

The Foundation is grateful for the friends and benefactors who have shown outstanding service and exceptional generosity to Shore. Please click HERE to view the Foundation Honours.




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The Shore Foundation

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