The Foundation in conjunction with the School Council in 1999 commenced a scheme of special awards for members of the School community. The award is made to those members of the School community who have rendered outstanding services or exceptional generosity to the School and/or Foundation. The current awardees are:

Kenneth G Smith  2000 
Alex T Tonkin 2000
Ian M Guild  2000
Adrian J Lane  2000
Peter J Davidson 2003 
David C Cribb  2005
Shaan E Verco  2006
Jim Creer  2012
Richard Hattersley  2012
Matthew Playfair  2012
Edward Studdy  2012



Ken & Joan Smith
James Hardie
Garrick Hawkins & Family
Percy Best
Sylvia Gill
Charles Thomson
David & Patricia Smith
Alex & Margaret Tonkin
Blair Parry-Okeden
Ian & Vicki Londish
Michael & Jill Hawker
Nicholas & Diane Falloon
Roger & Rosemary Corbett
Ivan & Karel Wheen
Frederick John
Gary McConnell
Andrew Pridham
Bill & Elizabeth James
John Merewether
Bill & Belinda Pulver
Shore Old Boys Union
Christopher & Sharon Berkefeld
Edward & Jodi Studdy
Shore Association
Peter Blaxland
Gary & Penny Gerstle
The Sinclair Family
Matthew & Fiona Playfair
Peter & Dorothy Jenkins
Thyne Reid Foundation
Anonymous Old Boy
Nick & Helen Waterworth
The Kennard Family
Peter Conway
Angus & Danielle Gluskie
James & Cathryn Hodgkinson
The Wiggs Family