Garden Party 2017
The role of The Shore Foundation is to assist and support the School to develop and maintain excellence in education, facilities and community service at Shore. The Foundation’s affairs are managed by the Board of Directors providing the necessary direction for its programmes and day-to-day activities.

The Shore Foundation Limited was established as a Public Company by The Council of Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) in 1976. The Foundation comprises members of the Shore community and its affairs are managed in accordance with its Constitution.

The Shore Foundation’s strategies to achieve this goal include:

Fundraising Through donations, gifts and events to The Shore Foundation Trusts or the School.
Friend-raising Through effective communication and service to the School community attract, build upon and retain the interest and support of past students, parents, families and friends.
Bequests To actively encourage those who can to bequeath assets to The Shore Foundation.
Management To manage invested funds to optimise long term growth and security.