By supporting the Foundation with a donation you will help to ensure Shore’s fortunate position at the forefront of all aspects of our children’s education as it has been in the past and will continue to be so in the future.


Our online giving facility ensures that making a difference to the future of Shore is as simple as choosing how you want to show your support and where you want to direct your donation.

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Educational Initiatives

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Building Projects

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Scholarships & Bursaries

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Gowing Museum & Archives

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All Sports Fellowship

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Gifts can be made in the following ways:

Outright Donation

This may be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

Cash Pledges

May be made over one to five years. By spreading your gift payments over a few years, you may find that you are able to make a more generous gift.

Assets and Property

You may choose to give Works of Art, Real Estate, Jewellery, Boats, Cars, Collectibles, Wool, Grain, Livestock, Holiday Homes, etc.

Shares and Debentures

Investments are another way of gifting.

Income Distribution Gift

You may choose to permit The Shore Foundation to receive income from capital, shares of real estate, while you retain ownership of the asset(s).


The inclusion of The Shore Foundation in your will, provides a way of supporting future generations of boys. A bequest may be unrestricted or designated for a particular use. Ways of making a bequest include an absolute sum of money, a percentage of your estate or a specific asset. We value every bequest. Click here for more information


We are pleased to be able to offer you the convenience of monthly Direct Debit from your bank account or credit card. To establish a Direct Debit arrangement with The Shore Foundation, please contact the office on Tel: +61 2 9956 1172.

The Shore Foundation is committed to Shore’s continual development as one of Australia’s leading independent schools. Through the four Trusts, the Foundation funds and supports scholarships, new buildings and facilities, teaching fellowships, study skills programmes, and other educational initiatives.


Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation


The Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation was established in 2006 as an initiative of Newington College. The Foundation is incorporated and holds 501 .(C) (3) tax deductible status.

The Shore Foundation this year joined as an affiliate of the AIS (USA) F.

The AIS (USA) Foundation encourages individual and organisations to support education by soliciting tax deductible contributions. The USA Board of Directors periodically awards grants to Schools such as Shore. The Foundation Administrator, Marisue Taube, also acts as the Foundation’s Secretary/Treasurer/ Individuals residing outside the United States who receive income in the U.S. may be eligible to receive tax deductibility for donations.

Members of the Shore community wishing more information on this opportunity to support Shore through this Foundations should contact in confidence:

The Shore Foundation,
PO Box 1221, North Sydney NSW 2059

Tel: + 61 2 9956 1172
Email: foundation@shore.nsw.edu.au