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The collection that became the basis for the present archives and museum dates back to 1889 when Rev. David Davies, one of the School’s first Masters, was noted as having a great interest in archival records. Shore Archives became a recognisable entity in 1964 when

a group of 13 boys under the direction of the School Librarian formed an Archives Committee.

“Shore Archives and the Bob Gowing Museum capture the history and culture of our School, preserving the stories of our past for future generations. The museum plays an integral role in connecting students, Old Boys, families and friends to our rich heritage – a heritage that will now never be forgotten.”


Dr Timothy Wright, Headmaster


Our Future

Today, Shore has an ongoing archival mission and a dedicated museum which aims to gather and preserve not only records from Shore’s early days, but also historical material relevant to the Shore community.

The continued proper maintenance of Shore Archives and the Bob Gowing Museum is vital for a School which is proud of its past. In order to continue this valued work we rely on the generous support of the Shore community.

Please consider a donation to The Shore Foundation Museum Trust to help us preserve Shore’s proud heritage for future generations by clicking HERE.

For School tour dates, including the Bob Gowing Museum, please visit the OBU website www.shoreoldboys.org.au or contact the Development Office on 02 9956 1172 for details.

Please click HERE (PDF 408.6KB) to view the Bob Gowing Museum & Shore Archives brochure.