The School with the support of The Shore Foundation is dedicated to improving the ongoing professional development of Shore's sporting coaches.

Shore has had a distinguished history in sport, both in participation and in success at the highest level, in Premierships won and National representation achieved. Shore is consistently competitive across a range of games, based on the premise that the game is for the boys' sake.

At the heart of Shore lies the staff. Coaching is undertaken by dedicated Staff who understand their charges. What makes Shore staff such good coaches, especially of elite teams, is also what makes them such good teachers - an understanding of the ethos of the School and a strong desire to see the boys achieve their potential.

The All Sports Fellowship is dedicated to the professional development of Shore coaching staff across all sports and grades, for all boys.

To date the following sports have been funded via the All Sports Fellowship - Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Rowing, Rugby and Strength and Conditioning. In total over $80,000 has been spent, supporting over fifty nine coaches.

The All Sports Fellowship is a project registered with the Australian Sports Foundation and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Should you wish to donate to this wonderful initiative please click HERE All Sports Fellowship.