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Foundation Bursaries

The Shore Foundation is proud to provide support for almost 60 boys to attend the School, through our Bursaries and Scholarships.  This is made possible due to generous donations from the Shore Community. 

Please visit the Scholarships page for more information regarding these awards and how to apply. 

Donations to the Shore Foundation Scholarships Trust are tax deductible and can be sent to the Shore Foundation, PO Box 1221 North Sydney NSW 2059 or received through the website

“They hand on the Torch of Life”

Country Boarders Fund - The 385 Bursary

Shore has a close relationship with our Country Boarding families, some who are second and third generation Shore boys.   The 385 Bursary is named after the 385 generous members of the Shore community who first started this fund in 2018.

This means-tested bursary provides support for rural families to send their sons to Shore as senior school boarders.  Applications are welcomed throughout the year and the amount of the award is flexible, dependent on individual circumstances.  It is designed to help families with a high desire to attend Shore, but who may need some financial assistance. This bursary is awarded to boys who have applied considerable effort to their studies and who will contribute to co-curricular activities within the School.  Candidates are not required to sit the ACER exam however school reports will be required. 

Information about how to apply is available on the Scholarships page of the school website. 

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Our Indigenous Students

Shore partners with the Yalari Foundation, to offer education and support to Indigenous students. These boys are welcomed from all over Australia and attend Shore as boarders and day students.  In 2020 we welcomed five new Indigenous students into year 7. 

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Inclusion at Shore

The Shore Foundation is proud to partner with Cate Fryda  and her team of teaching professionals.  They work to ensure all our students have the best possible school experience.  Care for each of the students is tailored to meet individual needs, whether this is extra support with school work or ensuring students feel included and connected. 

Their work speaks to the spirit of Shore - while we all have different abilities, every student is equally valued and important.