A Bursary is available for sons of full time non-ordained Christian workers to attend Shore School.  This means-tested Bursary is for entry to year 7 but entry into other secondary years may be considered. It provides up to 60% of tuition fees for six years of schooling.  

Peter Conway is a Shore Old Boy (70), past teacher and friend of Shore.  He has generously created a new Bursary – providing a means-tested award to support a new Shore boy every year for the next 100 years.

Conway Bursary





Peter recently visited Shore 

and met with our

current 'Conway Scholars'.

Peter’s time at Shore was a transformative period of his life. He immersed himself in sports, the classroom and forming a relationship with God.  After high school, Peter returned to the USA and received his BA from Dartmouth College and his M.Ed from Cleveland State University.  He enjoyed a wide career, including being a poultry farmer, outdoor educator, Headmaster, Golf Club President and Real Estate developer.

Now 48 years after leaving Australia, Peter and his family have been inspired to create the Conway Bursary.  His desire is to give others the same opportunity he was given in life, sharing the good luck and blessings he has received since attending Shore.

A Peter states ‘I arrived at Shore as an awkward 13 year old, but left at age 18 with a purpose, a faith, leadership skills and an excellent preparation for College.’

The Foundation is grateful for this wonderful gift from Peter and we look forward to many years of ‘Conway Scholars’.

Please watch this video, to find out more about Peter Conway and his generous support:


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Application information is available on the Shore Scholarships page.  https://www.shore.nsw.edu.au/enrolment/scholarships/academic-means-related