Our sincere thanks to the Shore Community for your generous support of our Country Boarders Giving Day. 

In just 24 hours, $430,000 was raised -  paving the way for more country boys to potentially attend Shore as Boarders.

Almost 400 people took part, working together to exceed our goal.  From the $5 donation from a young Old Boy, to the $50,000 Matching Donation from a generous family – every contribution was equally meaningful and appreciated. We are already in touch with some country families who could benefit from this new Bursary. 

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The prize for the House with the most number of parents taking part in Giving Day was a closely fought race between the 4 Boarding Houses - Robson, Hodges, Barry and School House.  So it was decided to give choc-tops to all the Boarders.  It was a fun Friday afternoon handing out ice creams and celebrating the great success of Country Boarders Giving Day 2018 - please see more photos below. 


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