Here’s to the Shore boy who manfully fought
In all that he did, at his work, in his sport:
May he cherish the values the School has sought – 
Tradit Lampada Vitai

                                          The School Song

Boaters year 7 2020 website

1.  Shore's Physical Development

The Shore Foundation Building Trust assists with funding for new buildings and major renovations.

Construction is now complete on the R A I Grant Centre. This exciting new building fulfills the School's vision for a multi-purpose academic and sports facility.  

Donations are tax deductible - Please follow the link HERE to DONATE.  

Shore Hong Kong Fund

If you are based in Hong Kong, you may use the Shore Foundation Hong Kong Fund as a way to contribute to Shore and receive a tax deductible benefit in your home country. For details, please follow the link here.


2.  Scholarships and Bursaries

During 2020, the Foundation supported 60 boys on Scholarships and Bursaries.

First Nations Bursary  11 boys
Merewether Scholarship 4 boys
Hawkins Scholarship 7 boys
James Family Bursary 1 boy
“Herd” Bursary 1 boy
Open Scholarship #1 2 boys
Open Scholarship #2 2 boys
Country Boarders 385' Bursary 13 boys
P and D Jenkins Scholarship                4 boys
Sir Vernon Hadden Treat Bursary 2 boys
Peter Blaxland Scholarship 6 boys
K G Smith Scholarship 4 boys
R A I Grant Music Scholarship 5 boys
Peter Conway Scholarship 4 boys
K D G Edwards Bursary 1 boy
Organ Scholarship 1 boy

Total 68 boys
Donations to the Shore Foundation Scholarships Trust are tax deductible - To donate please follow the link here. 

All Foundation awards to boys are means-tested Bursaries (excluding Music Scholarships), reflecting our desire to create more opportunities for boys and families to obtain a Shore experience.


3. Shore Foundation Educational Trust 

The Shore Foundation Educational Trust provides funds for projects such as the purchase of equipment, attracting specialist staff, awarding scholarships and bursaries, and enhancement to the academic and teaching programmes not covered by tuition fees.

Our support of Educational Services at Shore remains a key focus for the Foundation.  This programme provides extra learning support for more than 200 students.  

Donations are NOT tax deductible - please click HERE to DONATE 


4. Shore Foundation Museum Trust

The Shore Foundation Museum Trust was established in 2004 to maintain and preserve the records and history of Shore for future generations. The Bob Gowing Museum and Shore Archives supports old boys and families with their research of local and family history, as well as providing information for students for class research projects.

Donations are tax deductible - please click HERE to DONATE 

For more information please visit Shore Archives HERE


5. All Sports Fellowship 

The All Sports Fellowship is dedicated to the professional development of Shore coaching staff across all sports and grades, for all boys.

To date the following sports have been funded via the All Sports Fellowship - athletics, basketball, cricket, football, rowing, rugby, strength and conditioning. In total over $80,000 has been spent, supporting over fifty nine coaches.

Should you wish to donate to make a tax deductible donation please click HERE to the Australian Sports Foundation site.