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Shore Parents Association Volunteer formParent volunteers also provide School support through scribing, Northbridge Saturday canteen, sale of second hand textbooks, sale of crested goods and library assistance.

"Parent volunteering is essential to building a strong school community"

How are Association funds spent?

All funds raised by the Association are spent within the following 12 months to benefit current students.

Funds are used to:

Provide scholarships, bursaries and exhibitions
Buy resources for the School such as books, sporting and musical equipment
Information evenings for parents
Hosting Shore Parents’ Association events, such as the Year 7 Welcome BBQ

The Importance of Volunteering

Parent volunteering is essential to building a strong school community. It sends a positive message to our children that you consider school to be a worthwhile cause and shows children the importance of participating in the larger community. The Association urges parents to get involved with what we do.

How can parents be involved?

Parents can:
Canteen ImageJoin an American Tea stall
Attend relevant Year functions
Attend Association Information Evenings and special events
Participate in General Meetings of the Association
Volunteer at the Sports Canteen on Saturdays

Canteen Sign-up


All involvement is greatly appreciated. To offer your assistance please complete the volunteer form,this will be sent through to the Shore Parents’ Association.

How do parents contact the Shore Parents' Association?

For more information about the Association, Parents can email