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Weekly Sporting Fixtures are published on this page and updated as necessary during the week. Please check this page frequently to ensure you have the most recent information available. If fixtures or training are cancelled the affected teams will be listed below.  Wet Weather Information Line updated from 7:15am:  9956 1135.

Aussie Rules    

Shore Sport Fixtures for Saturday 18 August 2018 V3: Note changes are in BOLD  - Click HERE for a PDF version of the Updated Fixtures List.  This is the final round of Winter Sport competition.


Team Opponent Venue Time
1st XV NC Johnson Oval 3.15
2nd XV NC Johnson Oval 2.00
3rd XV TAS Northbridge A 11.00
4th XV NC Johnson Oval 12.00
5th XV TAS Northbridge A 10.00
6th XV NC Johnson Oval 11.00
7th XV SJC Northbridge A 9.00
8th XV NC Johnson Oval 10.00
16A XV NC Johnson Oval 1.00
16B XV TAS Northbridge B 12.00
16C XV NC Johnson Oval 9.00
16D XV TAS Northbridge B 11.00
16E XV NC Johnson Oval 8.00
15A XV NC Old Boys 1 10.00
15B XV NC Old Boys 1 9.00
15C XV TAS Northbridge B 10.00
15D XV TAS Northbridge B 9.00
15E XV BYE  
15F XV NC Old Boys 1 8.00
14A XV NC Old Boys 1 2.00
14B XV TAS Northbridge C 11.00
14C XV NC Old Boys 1 1.00
14D XV TAS Northbridge C 12.00
14E XV NC Old Boys 1 11.00
13A XV NC Old Boys 2 12.00
13B XV TAS Northbridge C 9.00
13C XV NC Old Boys 2 11.00
13D XV TAS Northbridge C 10.00
13E XV NC Old Boys 2 8.00


Team Opponent Venue Time
1st XI NC Northbridge D 11.30
2nd XI NC Northbridge D 10.00
3rd XI NC Northbridge D 9.00
4th XI NC Northbridge D 8.00
5th XI NC Northbridge D 1.00
6thXI NC Northbridge F 8.00
16A XI NC Northbridge F 9.00
16B XI NC Northbridge F 10.00
16C XI NC Northbridge F 11.00
16D XI NC Northbridge F 12.00
15A XI NC Buchanan 1 8.00
15B XI NC Buchanan 1 9.00
15C XI NC Buchanan 1 10.00
14A XI NC Buchanan 2 1.00
14B XI NC Buchanan 2 12.00
14C XI NC Buchanan 2 11.00
14D XI NC Buchanan 2 10.00
14E XI NC Buchanan 2 9.00
13A XI NC Northbridge F 2.00
13B XI NC Northbridge F 1.00
13C XI NC Northbridge E 12.30
13D XI NC Northbridge E 11.30
13E XI NC Northbridge E 10.30
13F XI NC Northbridge E 9.30
13G XI NC Northbridge E 8.30
  No Fixitures
VENUE LOCATIONS:  Rugby, Football
Newington venues are at Newington College 200 Stanmore Rd, Stanmore.

Cross Country

SGS Comp 10;  AAGPS Championships; Sydney Park at 9.00am


Shore Gym at 8.30am 

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