Shore's dynamic tradition is founded on authentic and transformative Christian faith, with emphases on engaged rigour in academic work, relational service of others, growth in character, personal best in games and cocurricular activities. With this as its foundation, and within the terms of its charter, Shore seeks to be the leading comprehensive school in Australia.

Shore therefore fosters a learning community for its students and staff which:

Promotes a Christian understanding of the world and society in which we live
Pursues and celebrates academic performance in a culture of learning and thinking
Challenges all to be responsible citizens with an attitude of service to others
Welcomes new experience and learning at all stages of life
Lives according to the Christ-like virtues of humility, perseverance, courage and love of others
Develops individual gifts and talents and cultivates the habits of successful team membership

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Within the Strategic Plan there are nine Critical Success Factors which reveal the strategic priorities of the leadership team at Shore.

To view the Shore Strategic Plan and our Critical Success Factors please click here