Co-operative Scholarship Testing Program

Scholarship Application Requirements

Online registrations for entry to Years 7 and 11 in 2013 are now being accepted.

Details of Testing

The scholarship examination will be held on Saturday 25 February 2012 at SHORE School in the War Memorial Hall building which is close to the Blue Street entrance.  It begins at 8.45 a.m. and finishes at approximately 12.00 p.m.

At SHORE we are pleased to offer scholarships at the following levels:

Level 1
Designed for students to sit the test during their final year of primary school for entry into first year of secondary school in the following year (entry into year 7 in NSW, ACT, Tas, WA and Vic or entry into year 8 in QLD and SA).  The tests are also suitable for entry into second year of secondary school.
CSTPred.gifApply for CSTP Level 1

Level 3
Designed for students in year 10 for entry into year 11 (all states).
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