General Information

The Shore Association was founded in 1938 to help celebrate the School's Jubilee. All families currently at Shore are automatically levied and therefore members of the Shore Association. Parents of old boys of the School, Friends of Shore and past and present Masters are welcome to join. The Association is managed by volunteer parents of boys and girls at the school.

The Shore Association's primary goals are:

1. Community Building - Aiming to unite all those interested in the welfare and development of the School, and promote the ideals and aims of the School in order to strengthen its future interest and development. The Association supports the School in a number of practical roles, for example:

  • Assistance in the Library
  • Crested Goods sales
  • Second hand textbook sales
  • Distribution of class lists to parents
  • Welcome to new parents
  • Provision of scribes for school examinations
  • Providing parent power for a wide range of School activities

The Shore Association also organises professional speakers through the year on a variety of relevant topics.

2. Financial Support - the Association convenes the "American Tea". Usually held annually on the first Friday in September, "The Tea" is the School's major fundraising activity along with the Northbridge BBQ & canteen which also contributes to the funds raised. Funds raised are distributed throughout the School on an annual basis for:

  • Equipment to enhance the school environment for all boys and girls
  • Provision of Bursaries, Exhibitions and Scholarships for the boys.

The Shore Association both supports and works with the Shore Foundation and Old Boys' Union where possible.

Like all supporting bodies within Shore, the continued success of The Shore Association depends on the support it receives from the Shore community, especially volunteers from the parent body.

The Shore Weekly Record (SWR) and the Prep Peek are the school's main means of communication with the parent body. The Shore Association has a column every week with news and updates. We urge all parents to read the SWR and the Prep Peek weekly. It is posted on the website by Thursday every week and your boys are given a copy to bring home.

In addition, the Shore Association has a number of web pages on the Shore website covering all aspects of the SA including current Executive and Committee, Calendar, Year Representatives, American Tea, Crested Goods, and volunteer options.

If you have any school events you would like shared in the Shore Association Weekly and photographs from school events you have, please email