Fundraising Masterclass with Kingsley Aikins CBE – October 2016

The Shore Foundation was privileged to host Kingsley Aikins CBE on Tuesday 25 October for a three hour Fundraising Masterclass. Over 130 professionals from NSW schools and institutions attended the Masterclass. Click the video links below to view the topics that were presented:

Kingsley Aikins.jpg

Kingsley Aikins is founder and CEO of Diaspora Matters, a Dublin based consultancy company that advises countries, cities, regions, companies and organisations on how to develop strategies to connect with their Diasporas. He is a recognised expert on Networking and Fundraising and has written and spoken extensively on these topics.  He has run workshops and online/offline Networking Training Programmes for Google, LinkedIn, Accenture, Intel, PwC, KPMG and a number of the leading law firms in Dublin. He is an Economics and Politics graduate of Trinity College Dublin. In his career he worked for 10 years for the Irish Trade Board and IDA Ireland and was based in Sydney. He then led the Ireland Funds for 21 years, mostly based in Sydney and Boston. In his time with the Funds over a quarter of a billion dollars were raised for society and cultural projects in Ireland. In 2008 he was awarded a CBE for his work on British-Irish issues.