Outdoor Education & Service Activities


Every boy at Shore participates in Service Activities. From Year 7 boys are introduced to a range of service activities through their respective House under the guidance of their Housemaster and Tutors.


Shore Cadet CrestEstablished over 100 years ago the Shore Cadet Unit (SCU) covers a wide range of activities providing service to the school and it's community. The SCU aims to provide a valuable platform and rigorous training program for the leadership development of each individual. The skills and experiences they are provided with whilst on camps, courses and ceremonial days such as ANZAC Day are of significant help to them as they grow and develop becoming valuable members of the wider Australian community. The standards of drill, dress and overall bearing are enforced to provide structure and direction for the unit and maintain their focus.

Through careful guidance, formal courses and practice, the young men of the Shore Cadet Unit have a real opportunity to become experienced and successful leaders.

In Year 9, the Shore Cadet Unit provide the medium through which the School's Service Activities and Outdoor Education Programme is undertaken. Training for outdoor experience and leadership is carried out each week, culminating in a Term III Bivouac and Annual Camp held in camps week at the end of the year where the skills learnt are put into practice.

In Years 10 and 11 boys can opt to continue their involvement in Army Cadets or become involved in one of a number of service activities. These may involve boys working in such areas as entertaining and helping the aged and disabled, providing a weekly service to assist in the administration and organisation of library, bush regeneration, community service or assisting with performances at the School.

All Years 7 – 11 boys take part in a year level camp in camps week (end of Term IV). Year 11 boys have the opportunity to act as leaders on Years 7 and 8 camps or a local community service camp.