Clubs & Activities

The following clubs and activities are available to interested boys:


The School has a very active Crusader Christian group at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels.

Golf Club

Boys compete in School based competitions during holiday breaks.

After School Workshop

For a fee, boys may undertake projects in woodwork or automotive maintenance after school three days per week.

Shore Weekly Record

The oldest student run newspaper in Australia, the Shore Weekly Record is published weekly by the boys for the boys.

Photography Club

Boys who are interested in photography can pursue their interest after School by joining this Club.

Mock Trials

Each year the School enters a team in an inter-school competition. The boys are fortunate to have the support and guidance of qualified barristers.

Chemistry Titration Competition

This science-based activity for senior boys has seen the School achieve great success at State and National level over many years. Boys learn and practice the skills required after school.


The Chess Club meets twice weekly during lunch hours and competes at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels on an intra-school and inter-school basis.

Duke of Edinburgh

The School has participated in this scheme for many years. In general, boys may qualify for awards through their participation in the wide range of School based activities and each year a large number of boys do so.