People Involved

There are many groups of people involved in the organisation and running of this holiday camp. We're very pleased to have so much voluntary help including:


The Staff

Teachers from Shore and Pymble Ladies will be very much involved in making sure everything runs to plan and to provide support to all our campers, companions, relief companions and volunteers. Some of the teachers involved in the running and organisation of this year's Sony Camp include:


JPillay.jpg   AQuinane.png   NMitchell.png

   Mrs J Barr             Mr A Quinane            Miss N Mitchell

            (Camp Coordinators)            (Activities Coordinator)


CDickinson.png  SHill.png   CWong.png

Mrs C Dickinson           Miss S Hill              Mr C Wong

(Adminstration)           (Volunteers)              (Media)


The Companions

The most committed and dedicated senior students from Shore and Pymble Ladies will be involved in supporting our campers during the four days. Our companions will be trained in the various aspects of their role and supported at all times by professional medical and teaching staff from both schools and parent volunteers. They will supervise and accompany the camper throughout the daily activities and to sleep beside him/her at night.


The Relief Companions

Relief Companions assist the Companions in providing responsible care for a camper during the four days of the camp. They provide valuable breaks for the Year 11 Companion by assuming the role of a temporary carer for a camper. They also provide emotional and physical support for the Year 11 Companions by way of temporarily relieving them, and assist the Activities Coordinator with setting up, conducting and clearing up of all activities.


Community Volunteers

There will be a number of adult and parent volunteers who are helping with general duties around the camp including, setting up activities, general supervision around activities, helping with meals and 1 on 1 supervision of the campers in the evenings.


Medical Support

Registered nurses are on duty for the duration of the camp and doctors on call 24 hours a day.