Sony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp

Sony Camp 2015

No doubt, there were alot of tired faces at the conclusion of our 4 day camp. However, there were also lots of smiles and laughter; and most of all, precious moments and experiences from our campers and the entire community. We're so pleased to have hosted this camp for the past two years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Watch our newest video below for all the highlights from the past four days!



Our activities programme is out! Click on the image below for more details.

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Students are invited to our Film Night on Thursday 8th October to enjoy a night of popcorn and a movie to fundraise for our end of year Sony Camp. Please book your tickets through:


City 2 Surf 


On Sunday the 8th of August, 5 boys from Year 11 volunteered to help to set up, run and host a breakfast and lunch BBQ for Sony Fundraisers running in the City2Surf. These volunteers had been previously been raising funds for the Sony Foundation and were running the City2Surf as a further effort to contribute to the Sony Foundation.

We arrived at school 6:15am while it was still dark and began work. The boys collected and carried the food needed for the fundraiser and wheeled two Barbeques to the Graithwaite Lawn where the event would be held. Each boy was assigned a role in the preparation and running of the event. These included cooking, decorating and ushering cars into the car park. The guests arrived between 7am-7:30am and seemed to enjoy the breakfast immensely. John Eales, who works closely with the Sony Foundation, was present at the event and spoke to the guests individually as well as making a speech before they departed to run the City2Surf at 8:15am.

At around 1pm the boys returned to the Graithwaite Lawn to prepare a lunch for the volunteers returning from the run. Once again this ran smoothly and the participants where very happy with the quality of the food and the event as a whole.

In conclusion the Barbeque was very successful. Each boy who volunteered to run the event was pleased with their efforts and got value and self-satisfaction out of the fact that they were doing a good thing for other people, and on a whole, helping a cause which aids those who are less fortunate than us.



Our Year 11 Companions had a day being trained and informed about supporting adults with disabilities. They were able to participate in group discussions about the issues people with disabilities faced, but also had a chance to interact with adults with disabilities and hear their life stories. Read some of their reflections below.


"By doing the Mars challenge i realised how hard it is to do ordinary things in life that are extremely hard for someone who has a disability." 

"I think that I had assumed people were born with disabilities, and never really thought that some people had lived normal lives, and through no fault of their own, now had a disability."


Sony Camp A Powerful Experience For All

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Last year's Sony Camp hosted by Shore and PLC featured in Educational HQ which covers educational news and information both locally and globally. Read all about it by clicking on the image above.


7th - 10th December 2015


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Shore and PLC have the privilege of hosting Sony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp once again! It was an amazing experience last year with 26 children with disabilities spending four valuable days engaging in fun activities, trying things that they may have never done before, and building friendships with other campers, students and volunteers.

The Year 11 students who helped at the camp, found the experience incredibly enriching; realising how special and precious each camper is, discovering the level of responsibility needed to take care of a child with additional needs, and learning the skills to be able to do this well.

If you would like your son or daughter to be part of Holiday Camp, please click on the "Camper Application" link on the side. We are also in need of Adult Volunteers including Volunteer Nurses this year to ensure the smooth running of the camp. So if you'll be interested in volunteering please complete our "Volunteers Application" or the "Nursing Volunteers Application".


Sony Camp Information Booklet 2015

Watch this video to see all the special highlights of last year's Holiday Camp.

For more details contact Mrs Janine Barr (02) 9900 4740 or Mr Andrew Quinane (02) 9900 4768.