The following events were broadcast live from this website on May 4th 2014 and are now available as recordings to view at your convenience.  Please use the links below to view the recorded videos. (Please note that there may be a short delay before the video player appears and Adobe Flash is required on your device to view the video.)

125th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

125th Anniversary Unveiling of Vitai Lampada Tradunt

125th Anniversary Reopening and Dedication of Graythwaite

A photographic journal of the service, unveiling and reopening are available in a gallery here.



Linda Klarfeld (sculptress)


The following documents may also be of interest:

Thanksgiving Service Booklet

Graythwaite Order of Proceedings

Historical Restoration/Renovation award



Photographic Slideshows


If you would like to know more about Graythwaite please send your request for information to the Shore Bursar, Kathy Dickson at