Armitage Lectures

The Armitage lecture series was established in 2005 to remember the first Old Boy of the School who entered the ordained Anglican Ministry. Rev Isaac Armitage left funds in trust to provide a small bursary for Old Boys of the School who entered Moore College. The Lecture series aims to encourage thinking on matters to do with Anglican Schooling.

The 13th Isaac Armitage Lecture was delivered by Dr Julie McGonigle, Deputy Head (Academic), St Andrew’s Cathedral School, on 2 June 2017. The Lecture: “Hope for Education: A consideration of how the theological virtue of hope can energise a school" and the response by Rev Dr Bill Salier, Principal of Youthworks College and Director of Theology are available by following the link below.

2017 Armitage Lecture: "A consideration of how the theological virtue of hope can energise a school"

Previous lectures were presented by:


Rev Dr Andrew Cameron

"Anglican Schooling in a Pluralistic Society"


Dr Grant Maple

“A Biblical Theology of Childhood and Adolescence”


Dr Simon Longstaff  

“Ethics and the Mission of Anglican Education”


Dr Trevor Cooling

“Setting the Vision:  The Calling of the Christian Teacher in the 21st Century World”

Response (The Rev Dr Bill Salier)


Archbishop Peter Jensen

“Is there such a thing as Anglican Education?”

Response (Dr Timothy Wright)


Rev Dr Bruce Winter

“Learning for living or just for earning a living?  Schooled for service”

Response (Mrs Judith Poole)


Dr Briony Scott

“What is the measure of success for a Christian School?”

Response (The Rev Dr Michael Jensen)


Darrell L Bock

“A Look at Spiritual Formation: How The Spirit Shapes our Identity and Character?”

Response (Milton Cujes)


Dr Julie Townsend

So God created human beings in his own image, In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."  In the 21st century, should we be educating males and females, or educating human beings?”

Response (Dr Bryan Cowling)


Dr Timothy Wright   

“Excellence-an Augustinian Tension”

Response (Professor Trevor Cairney)


Professor David Smith

“Hospitality to the stranger and cross-cultural learning”


Rev. Dr David John Sandifer

“Cultivating innocence: Character formation in the age of porn”

Response (Mrs Jann Robinson)

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